Having a lovely time…wish you were here?

Here at Routes into Languages Cymru we are very keen for people of all ages to give languages a try. This is why we decided to develop a series of ‘Useful Phrases Postcards’. Currently in the series we have French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese, which are all languages that you can study as a degree in Universities in Wales.
The images that we selected to represent these languages are vibrant and attractive. On the reverse, each card offers phrases such as Hello, Thank you and Can you help me? There is also a space for you to write any new words or phrases that you might learn if visiting the country.
The postcards have been very popular at all of our events and they have sparked many an interesting conversation. Quite often we ask children to think of as many countries where the postcard might be useful. We also used them as prompts for our ‘design your own bag’ activity.
You can download your copies:


Languages: Your Passport to Success

We have developed a flyer for Year 9 pupils. Its aim is to provide bite sized pieces of information which highlight the benefits of languages to young people.
If you would like to receive a copy of this flyer for your resource library, please contact the Routes Cymru team.
Languages: Your passport to success