Welcome to the Pilot Virtual Careers Talk 2020 series brought to you by Routes into Languages Cymru. During this series, our Student Language Ambassadors will be providing a variety of inciteful and informative sessions covering many different areas of language learning. What to expect: language journeys, language myth busting, quizzes, careers with modern languages, languages at university and going abroad with your languages.

Episode 10: Megan

Careers with languages, travelling abroad and celebrities who speak different languages are all covered in this episode by our SLA, Megan, from Bangor University.

Episode 9: Chloe

Ever wondered what you could get up to on a year abroad? Join Chloe, to discover the amazing opportunities her love of German and Spanish lead her to experience on her year abroad.

Episode 8: Jennie

Languages open doors! Join our SLA, Jennie from Bangor University and her friends to hear all about their language journeys and find out why you should consider learning languages!

Episode 7: Lisa

Would you like to know more about the year abroad? Join Lisa from Cardiff University as she talks about her exciting experiences in Paris on her year abroad. This is a Welsh medium presentation.

Episode 6: Eleri

Join our SLA, Eleri from Aberystwyth University to find out why languages can be fun and useful and to learn about what resources could help you practise your language skills! This is a Welsh medium presentation.

Episode 5: Ethan

Our SLA, Ethan from Bangor University tells us how languages have become his super power! Ethan also gives us a beginner’s German taster session! Tune in to delve into the super universe of language learning.

Episode 4: Stephanie

Do you want to know how to improve your language skills? Our Language Ambassador from Swansea University, Stephanie, reveals a range of valuable resources to help you learn languages. You will also discover Stephanie’s language journey and get to participate in a fun quiz!

Episode 3 – Louise

Our Student Language Ambassador, Louise, gives an insight into why languages matter and how she has come to learn Welsh, French, Spanish and Italian. Louise also debunks some common myths around languages and where languages can take you!

Episode 2 – Abheesh

Our Student Language Ambassador, Abheesh, gives an insight into his language journey living in Mauritius and studying at Cardiff University. Abheesh also debunks some common myths around languages in the UK and explains the numerous benefits of learning modern languages today.

Episode 1 – Kimberly

In this Routes into Languages Cymru Virtual Talk, our Student Language Ambassador, Kimberly, talks about the benefits of learning a modern language, her own language journey and careers related to different languages. As mentioned, the quiz can be accessed by clicking on the link below. To access the quiz, please click the link below: https://forms.gle/AcBcVwAWUFrsCKya9

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  • It is advised to allow up to 3 weeks in advance when requesting a Student Language Ambassador visit.
  • 2020-21 Academic Session – We will not be able to arrange a visit by a Student Language Ambassador until the beginning of November as we need to arrange the bespoke training sessions for Language Ambassadors.
  • Students are not available on the following dates due to University holidays / exam periods:

Christmas recess: Saturday 19 December 2020 – Sunday 10 January 2021

Exam Period: Monday 18 January – Friday 29 January 2021

Easter recess: Saturday 27 March- Sunday 18 April 2021

Exam Period: Monday 17 May – Friday 18 June 2021

We will have a limited number of Language Ambassadors available throughout June/July.