Perú – Asuntos Sociales

sueldo mínimo – minimum wage
soles – Peruvian currency
libras esterlinas – British pounds
mano de obra – workforce
exige – it demands
clase media – middle class
favelas – Brazilian shanty town or shack
impuestos – taxes
hurtos – thefts

Entertainment and Leisure

!Hola y Buenos días! Bon Dia! Hello!   Welcome to my latest blog post, in this instalment I’ll be discussing the different forms of entertainment and leisure you can take part in on your year abroad. A lot of the

Perú – la diversidad y diferencia.

Apart from being in a whole other continent, Perú varies greatly in many ways in comparison with England and the United Kingdom in general. The things that stand out different for me as being polar opposites or new experiences are:

Bwyd a Diod

¡Hola chicos y chicas! Pan yn meddwl am Sbaen, yn aml iawn mae bwydydd fel paella, tapas a patatas bravas yn dod i feddwl rhywun- ag o fewn rheswm hefyd, están ricos! Ond yn union fel ardaloedd gwahanol ym Mhrydain