Social Issues

Hello from Vienna! In this post I would like to talk about social issues in Vienna. Erstens war es kürzlich Europride in Wien! Europride ist die größte Pride-Veranstaltung in Europa und geht jedes Jahr in eine andere Stadt. Es begann

Current and Future Study and Employment – Zukunftspläne

Hallo allerseits! This is my final article and it seems fitting that I write about what my plans are now that my year abroad is coming to an end. Ich studiere derzeit Europäische Sprachen an der Aberystwyth University. Ich liebe,

Perú – viaje y transporte

Having been doing my year abroad in Peru for one year, I have visited 4 countries and 30 places (and this is supposed to be a year of studying abroad, but that’s how easy travel is here – in Latin

School and College Studies

Salut tout le monde! Je sais que c’est le mois des examens au collège et lycée au Pays de Galles donc bon courage, et bonne continuation avec votre révision! Ce mois, on va parler de l’école en France et comment

Feste und Feiern

Hallo zusammen! Heute spreche ich von Festen und Feiern in Deutschland.  Seit ich hier bin, habe ich mehrere Feste in Franken erlebt und einige sind speziell für diese Region!   Zuerst erwähne ich „Osterbrunnen“. Osterbrunnen ist ein besonderes Fest in

Health and Fitness

Chilean society, in general, is one that is always on the move. People work long hours at stressful jobs, yet still value and thrive at social events with friends and family. Therefore, many are often left with very little time

Self and Relationships

Self and relationships are aspects of life that are constantly changing and developing, for better or for worse (but I hope mostly for the better!). The person you are right now will not be the same person you are in

Self and Relationships

Back in the UK, I study Spanish and Geography at University. As part of the course I was required to spend a year abroad in a Spanish speaking country. I had the option to study in Spain, or work in

Umwelt – Environment

Hallo allerseits! In this article I will be talking about the environment; more specifically about how people in Germany are trying to preserve it! It is universally known that Germans are very environmentally friendly and in today’s society it is