Bangor celebrates Galician Literature Day (Día das Letra Galegas)

On 17th May this year Bangor University celebrated Galician Literature Day. Galician is a language spoken in the North of Spain and students have the option of studying the language as part of their Spanish degree at Bangor University. To celebrate the day appropriately, Nathan Edwards and Lucy Kitchen (Routes into Languages Cymru Student Language Ambassadors and  Galician students at Bangor University) went out on to the High Street in Bangor asking for people to read parts of a Galician play, and a video was recorded. The extracts were taken from ‘Touporroutou da Lúa e do Sol’ and ‘Laudamuco, Señor de Ningures’, both by the Galician writer Roberto Vidal Bolaño.

This project was a partnership between Routes into Languages Cymru and the Centre for Galician Studies in Wales run by Helena Miguélez-Carballeira. Both institutions provided materials such as book marks and posters for Nathan and Lucy to give away on the day. Anxeles Torres-Padin who is a Galician Assistant working in the Centre said: “It was a unique experience seeing how people without any previous knowledge of this language were so eager to have a go at it, supporting other minority languages and celebrating this official day for Galician culture”.

The video is available at the following link: