Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange

Europe Direct Information Centres across Europe are inviting their local primary schools to take part in a Christmas Tree Decoration exchange. Participating schools are organised into exchange groups of around 30 partners from different European countries.

The children at these schools make typical Christmas tree decorations and information packs about the celebration of Christmas in their country. Both of these are then sent by the school to their partners. Throughout December, there is great excitement in the classroom as packages arrive, with decorations and messages from children from across Europe.

The aim of this project is to educate young people in primary schools about other countries in the EU through a creative and fun activity. By making Christmas tree decorations and putting together information about the celebration of Christmas in their own region, pupils will discover more about their own culture and traditions. When they receive decorations and other materials from all across Europe, they will learn about Christmas in other countries and about many other aspects of each country such as language, geography, history and culture, as well as an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of Europe. The exchange also aims to encourage schools to work with other schools across the EU in the future and to maintain contact with their exchange partners.

This project will run between October and December 2015.

For further information contact your local European Direct Information