GUEST BLOG: Being a Pupil Language Ambassador at Abertillery Comprehensive

¡Hola! I am Abigail Hucker. I am 14 years old and I go to Abertillery Comprehensive School. I so happen to be a Pupil Language Ambassador for my school. You may have heard my name before because recently I went to the CILT Cymru National Languages Conference in Cardiff along with my friends Leah Phillips and Darren Davies. We were asked to give a speech about being Pupil Language Ambassadors and explain what we do for our school. We had a really good time, we were all very nervous at the time because we spoke on a stage in front of lots of important people – and it was filmed! Luckily we got through it and we had really good reviews off everyone that listened to us. They said we were inspirations to them and we would be an inspiration to the pupils at their schools. It made us feel so proud.

Experiences like these are one of the many reasons why I absolutely love being a Pupil Language Ambassador at Abertillery. I find it amazing that we can go and talk to people about being one and how we can give people inspiration just by talking about what we do. It has given me a lot of confidence in myself and I have developed many new skills.

Well then let’s actually talk about what me and many others do for the language department and our school. Being an ambassador is amazing, we always come together every month for a meeting to talk about what type of things we should do the following month. We usually arrange coffee mornings for the pupils in year 8 so we can try to persuade them to become ambassadors or even take Spanish for a GCSE subject when the time comes. We also have parties for the celebrations in that month like in November we organised a Day of the Dead party because it’s a big celebration in Mexico. We put it on for younger pupils to learn about different cultures. They thoroughly enjoyed playing the games and trying the chilli hot chocolate and lime, chilli fruit. We chose Mexico because our ‘Adopt a Class’ link is a university student called Mary. She is on her year abroad in Mexico and she keeps in touch with us through Edmodo.

In all seriousness I find it a privilege to be a Pupil Language Ambassador for my school and if anyone has the chance to become one I’d say go for it and I promise you will not regret it. You also get a posh badge to wear! So thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope that I gave some advice and inspiration to those wanting to become an Ambassador in the near future. Have a great day and speak to you soon!

Abigail Hucker (Aged 14)
Pupil Language Ambassador at Abertillery Comprehensive School