GUEST BLOG: Ysgol Plasmawr pupils discuss the Language Ambassador Training Event

Georgia Redmore
On Thursday, the fifth of February, we (the language ambassadors) went to Cardiff City Hall to represent Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr and to learn about the importance of languages to everyday life.
I really enjoy learning French in my GCSE class with Madame Hopkins and the seven of us were very keen to learn more about our new roles as language ambassadors and how we could help others in our school to enjoy learning languages.

Branwen Thistlewood
My names is Branwen and I’m a pupil language ambassador in my school. I am studying first languages Welsh and English along with French and Spanish for my GCSEs. I really enjoyed the Language Ambassador training day, especially the Spanish session where we built models of churches out of spaghetti! I feel that being a language ambassador will give me a chance to help promote languages to younger pupils showing them that foreign languages are not only good for your CV but also give you a skill for life!

Amy Lloyd Evans
My name is Amy, I’m 14 years old and I represent my school as a Language Ambassador. I have a keen interest in languages and am very enthusiastic about leaning new ones. I understand how important it is to have language skills, especially when you consider the political tensions between countries at the moment.
I’m studying French for GCSE and would have liked to have studied Spanish. My Grandma is originally from the Netherlands and would like to learn Dutch so that I can communicate with my family there.
Some of my friends and I weld to Cardiff City Hall to be trained as Language Ambassadors. We learnt of the importance of our role and got the chance to plan activities and other ways to promote languages to younger pupils. As a group we have a lot of original ideas and we’re looking forward to creating a new and fun image for languages.