GUEST BLOG: John Ponting SLA – Inspiring Pupils to Learn Languages

John Ponting SLA – Inspiring Pupils to Learn Languages

I attended a training event by Routes Into Languages Cymru on the 19th of November 2014. It was held in Cardiff School of Management in Cardiff Metropolitan University which was, for me, a new location as I’m a student at Cardiff University. The room we were assigned was professional and comfortable and the event itself was incredibly informative. We learnt a lot about the education system in Wales, about opportunities that would be offered to us as Language Ambassadors as well as what we could offer to school pupils.


We learnt that there is a real, concerning shortage of not only Welsh but UK pupils and students studying modern languages. Ani reinforced their importance by telling us about languages’ usefulness in positions of business, education, disaster management and general everyday life.


I am a student at Cardiff University studying Business Management with Spanish and have held the belief that my knowledge of Spanish will help with my future. It also becomes apparent after learning a language how so many languages follow similar structures and makes learning new languages so easy! I hope that throughout my time as a Student Language Ambassador I can inspire and enlighten pupils as to why studying languages is so important and easy (if you put the work in)!


John Ponting – Cardiff University SLA