Following on from the success of last year, Ysgol John Bright held a ‘languages week’ during the last week of term for their year 12 Welsh Baccalaureate students. Pupils were able to pick which language they studied for the week and the options included Spanish, Italian and Sign Language. Spanish was taught by Stephanie Haines and Lewis Davies (both 3rd year students from Bangor),  and Italian by Maria Cristina Seccia (a postgraduate student from Bangor) and Susie Turnbull (a final year student from Bangor). The pupils were taught the language intensively through a range of mediums including songs, games and worksheets. On the final day they prepared food from their countries and then were able to showcase their knowledge in the afternoon by giving a cabaret performance of their choice. These included ‘Raining Men’ in Sign Language, the Italian National Anthem, an Italian version of Countdown and a Spanish news report! The week was thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers and the pupils alike and it was fantastic to see so many young people getting excited about how much they could learn in a week.