Languages: Your Passport to Success – Feedback from Pupils

Languages: Your Passport to Success 
Cardiff University
Feedback from Whitchurch High Pupils

 “My favourite part was Charlotte’s presentation about her amazing year abroad. It was very interesting and made me want to go on a year abroad myself!”

“Possibly my favourite part of the event was the presentation by Charlotte Dodsley on her year abroad. It was so interesting and inspiring to see what she had done and achieved over the course of a year. She made new friends, visited new places and most of all she took part in activities that were out of her comfort zone. After seeing what she had done it has really inspired me and made me want to try an exchange in Year 10 and possibly a year abroad when I go to university.”

“It was really fun and I’m glad I attended”

“The information stand was very good as it included lots of little leaflets about different jobs that need language skills.”

“I enjoyed the introduction by Professor Claire Gorrara. During the presentation, we found out what the university offered and the languages that are taught. We were also shown us examples of what some language graduates had achieved since leaving university.”

“The Careers presentation with Joanne Gibson was very helpful. I found out about different websites you can visit to find jobs and courses with languages. She told us what qualifications you need for certain jobs and what jobs are available for linguists.”