Languages: Your Passport to Success

On Saturday, 23 November 2013, young people from across Wales joined together with their parents and teachers to listen to a series of presentations about how having foreign language skills will help them in their future careers.


The events across Wales, which were organised by Routes into Languages Cymru in collaboration with universities, included presentations by lecturers from Language Schools about the opportunities to study languages at universities in Wales and the range of languages which can be studied at university level. Examples were also given of the types of jobs former language students are currently doing.


Current language students also spoke at the events about their year abroad and gave interesting accounts of what it’s like to study languages at university. The students told the audience about how the opportunity to study abroad had not only enabled them to improve their languages skills, but had benefitted them in other ways too such as increasing their confidence.


There was also a presentation by a representative from the Careers Service who gave examples of students who have used their language skills alongside other subjects, such as business and marketing, to secure employment upon graduation.


Following that there was a speaker from the world of business who were able to talk about the benefits of languages in a variety of different business sectors.


Those who attended in Cardiff also had the opportunity to learn some Japanese in a taster session held by two lecturers from the Cardiff Japanese Studies Centre.


The events concluded with a question and answer session in which many young people and their parents were able to ask for advice about their futures with languages.


The aim of the events was to open the eyes of young people and their parents to the possibilities in life if you can offer an employer another language. Those who attended saw the benefit of studying languages and many of the young people who attended stated that the speakers had inspired them to continue to study languages.