New Action Plan for Languages

A new action plan to support improvement and innovation in teaching modern foreign languages has been announced by Education Minister Leighton Andrews.

Delivered in partnership with CILT Cymru the plan will provide more opportunities for students to improve their language skills or learn a new foreign language as part of 14-19 learning pathways.

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said:

“Learning a foreign language is a skill for life.

“Across all settings, languages contribute to learners’ awareness of themselves as part of a global society and promote understanding of others.

“In the world of work, knowledge of languages helps economic growth and business competitiveness through improved understanding of the business environment and intercultural understanding.

“Through this action plan, I hope to see increased take-up of modern foreign languages, improved levels of attainment and more flexible access to high quality courses.”

You can download your own copy of this document from here. Making Languages Count