PLA Training 2021/22

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The brief

In the same way as Ruti gave you a virtual tour of Cusco in Perú, we’re asking PLA Teams to create a virtual tour of their school and wider community for a school in a country that uses the target language that is taught in the school. The virtual tour should be no longer than 5 minutes, and you can present the entry in a digital medium of your choice (video; Powerpoint; Thinglink). This is a learner led competition and the content of the virtual tour will be up to the PLA Teams, however we’d like to see evidence of the

• An introduction of the PLA Team and the school. If you completed challenge 1, you may reuse this here.

• References to the activities that the PLA Team have done to promote languages in the school and wider community, you may again include any challenges we have set you.

• Content in the target language and in Welsh or English. Reference could also be made to the linguistic diversity in the school and how it’s celebrated.

• We’re looking for a multimodal entry, and along with the visual content, the audio content will also be important and will be part of the marking scheme.