Lingo Map

Follow our Language Ambassadors around the globe as they embark on their third year abroad. Tasked with writing blogs on specific topics from the GCSE and A Level exam specification, the students share personal highlights and cultural flavours from across Europe and beyond.

LingoMap is the successor to the award-winning ‘Adopt a Class’ scheme. Redesigned to make use of new technologies, we aim to reach a wider classroom audience across Wales.  LingoMap also provides a visual and interactive platform to show pupils the global opportunities available to them through studying languages.

Please refer to the simple user guide; also the blog timetable to see which topics are being covered by our student travelers.

You can find student blogs by clicking on maps below, or alternatively find the direct blog links to subject specific blogs by clicking here



Archive 2016_17

Click the link to access blogs from last year: LingoMap Blogs 2017.  Blogs can be accessed by clicking the individual themes.