TransEuropa Festival

We had a lot of fun celebrating the TransEuropa Festival at Chapter Arts Centre on Saturday, 7th May 2011. We had many interesting conversations about learning languages, opportunities in Europe and even sustainability (the festival’s theme).

The highlight of the day for us was the reading of the winning entries of our A Level poetry competition that we ran especially for the festival.

The winning poem, C’est l’heure d’ouvrir les yeux, was written by Sarah Boyd, Ysgol Tre-Gib and was performed by Kate Samways, a Routes Cymru Student Language Ambassador.

Two poems that were highly commended were also performed. Cassandra Adlemann of Maelor School, Wrexham made a special effort to travel down from North Wales to read her entry, La Pollution de la Terre. Kate Samways performed the other highly commended entry, Il faut penser…, by Alison Beaton of Ysgol Tre-Gib. All three poems received praise from the audience which mainly consisted of translated and poets, all who were were listening intently throughout the performances and showed their appreciation with a huge round of applause.

We would like to pass on a huge thnk you to all students who entered a poem into the competition and congratulations to those who won and were highly commended.
The three poems that were performed can be downloaded here.


winning poem and highly commended.pdf