A Message to Parents: Why Your Child Should Learn Languages?

What can learning a language offer your child? From a personal perspective, they will show an increase in confidence, develop strong communication skills and awareness of other cultures. They will be better equipped to become mobile within the European Union and beyond which will open doors to the possibility of studying or working abroad.  From an educational and professional perspective, not only does learning a language improve overall literacy, the skills developed can be applied to a variety of jobs; examples include Events Managers, Managing Directors, Project Managers, Translators, Corporate Bankers, Human Rights Educators, Museum and Art Gallery Grant Managers, Marketing and Communications Managers and much more.

“Learning another language is an enormous advantage. The ability to speak French and Italian has been a major help for me in my work as a journalist” says Huw Edwards, BBC Journalist (speaks Welsh, English, French and Italian).

According to the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey 2014 (which surveyed 291 businesses employing some 1.4 million people) 65% of businesses value foreign language skills among their employees. However, recent research conducted by Professor Foreman-Peck of Cardiff University has revealed that the UK’s deficit of language skills is costing the economy around £48bn a year.

Be it for personal or professional reasons, continuing to study a modern foreign language at GCSE level and beyond will open doors to a world of experiences and will improve employment prospects. If you would like to find out more about opportunities with languages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.