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Self and Relationships

July 3, 2019

Self and relationships are aspects of life that are constantly changing and developing, for better or for worse (but I hope mostly for the better!). The person you are right now will not be the same person you are in

Tecnología en España

May 15, 2019

Spain, unlike some other European countries (UK, France, Germany), is not among the most technologically advanced. However, I have not noticed a huge difference in the use and availability of technology here compared to the UK. As is the case


April 1, 2019

The truest stereotype of Spanish culture is the love for la fiesta. So much so in fact, that the concept of a puente has developed to elongate the fiesta time! For instance, if a public holiday falls on a Tuesday

El mundo español

March 4, 2019

-Acho, ¿qué? ¿Quieres ver una peli este finde? -Estoy sin blanca así que no hay tutía. -Porfa, no seas una rata. Don’t panic. What you’ve just read is a combination of Murcian dialect, lazy Spanish contractions and idiomatic expressions. I