Pupil Language Ambassadors (PLA)

The Pupil Language Ambassadors (PLAs) scheme is targeted at pupils in years 7-9 in LEA maintained secondary schools in Wales. These pupils are chosen by their teachers to lead the campaign of raising the profile and promoting the value of studying languages among their school community in partnership with the Modern Languages Department and are trained by Routes Cymru. 

Main purpose of the role

Support the languages department to:

  • Raise the profile of languages among pupils, staff and the wider community
  • Share information about the importance of modern language skills for work and life 
  • Encourage fellow pupils to continue studying modern languages. 

Key responsibilities and duties

  • Support the languages department to organise a series of events 
  • Present information in classes / assemblies
  • Create specific displays in school and for events such as careers fairs, open days and parents’ evenings 
  • Share news of your work with the whole school community and Routes Cymru. 

Pupil Language Ambassadors – benefits for the school 

  • Increase in the awareness of pupils of the importance of studying languages 
  • Increase in the profile of the languages department in the school 
  • Increase in number of pupils choosing to study languages 
  • Enthusiastic pupils. 

Pupil Language Ambassadors – personal benefits for pupils 

  • Development of effective communication skills 
  • Opportunities to lead and play different roles in a team 
  • Use of digital technologies 
  • Opportunities to think creatively to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas to promote languages in the school. 


A passion for languages – A Pupil Language Ambassadors should possess a great enthusiasm for studying languages.