Routes into Languages Cymru is a pan-Wales outreach project that promotes the visibility, uptake and profile of languages in schools in Wales.  

The project is funded by five Welsh universities, the Regional Education Consortia, and the British Council Wales.

Part of a wider UK network under the auspices of the UCML, since 2016 Routes Cymru has operated as a two hub structure – one in Cardiff University and the other at Bangor University – with two project coordinators based in the School of Modern Languages at both universities to coordinate the project’s activities.

Increasing the visibility and promoting the benefits of language learning is at the core of Routes Cymru’s mission. Training pupils from primary and secondary schools in Wales and higher education students as Routes Cymru Language Ambassadors is one of our main activities and the contribution of our Routes Cymru Language Ambassadors from all levels plays a key role in raising the profile of languages and linguistic diversity in their schools and local communities. We also offer a varied menu of activities across Wales and are currently adapting our activities for digital delivery. Please visit our events page for more information.

Meet the Team

Nazaret Perez-NietoMegan HarriesMeleri Jenkins Rubén Chapela Lucy Jenkins Kate RobertsSusanne Arenhovel
Academic DirectorProject Coordinator – South Wales (Maternity Cover) Project Coordinator – South WalesProject Coordinator – North Wales
Project AdministratorPrimary Toolkit Developer