Final blog post: Why learn a language? Why do a year abroad?

July 8, 2019

¡Hola a todos!, Buenos dias!Bon Dia! Welcome to my last blog from my year abroad. I’ve had a great time writing these blogs for you and I hope that they have been useful (if only un pocito!- a little- ). In this last blog I’ll be talking about how a year abroad is relevant to current study and employment; there are so many opportunities that you can take if you choose to spend some time abroad. Furthermore, some of them can be discovered after the year too! As ever the key words are highlighted in bold. ¿Puedes comprender sin mirar a las respuestas?



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It goes without saying that, if you live abroad when studying a langauge, the experience is invaluable to your language learning. Both in terms of your improvement In your knowledge of the language (grammar and vocabulary for example) and your confidence to use what you know. Often you will find that you remember far more from those GCSE language classes than you realise! Another advantage is you get an opportunity that a lot of other subjects don’t have, you get to live in Spain! Or Italy, France, Germany or even places as far as South America if you want! This is a fun and exciting aspect of your degree and you should definitely embrace it. Moreover, as I left for Spain in October I had been in full time education for nearly fifteen years, so I fully appreciated the chance to take a break from it and to also earn some money too. Whats more is that it gave me valuable work experience and the chance to make a more informed choice about any future career I might want.


Los colegios españoles son muy diferentes que los colegios en Reino Unido. normalmente los profesores hablan en el idioma extranjero así que(so)los estudiantes tienen que aprender a comprender el idioma muy rápidamente. Los profesores, también, son más informales que los que trabajan en Inglaterra. Por ejemplo, los estudiantes saben el nombre (el nombre de pila: first name) del profesor, y puede abrazar(to hug) a los estudiantes. También, en el colegio en lo que trabajé los profesores estuvieron jóvenes entonces me recomendaron muchas cosas que hacer en Valencia y España generalmente.


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What Jobs can I do with a languages degree?

As a spanish student I often get asked this question. Commonly, people will say something like ‘oh so you want to be a teacher then?’ or ‘are you gonna be a translator?’. Whilst these are both worthwhile and fulfilling careers, there are a lot more possibilities that you can pursue as a languages graduate. The best part about being a languages student is that it can complement any job you want to do in the future. Follow the link to see a famous BBC broadcaster speaking Spanish, the person in question used to play for FC Barcelona and Tottenham:


Nevertheless, there are lots of jobs that would benefit from the ability to speak a language including: marketing (businesses love the opportunity to trade with other countries, and for this language speaking is crucial!), Law (speaking a language helps you stand out from the crowd and looks really good on applications), retail (similar to marketing being able to sell to other countries is a great asset).



There are more examples of famous people who speak Spanish and who have used it to enhance their career: Wales’ own Gwyneth Paltrow (Spider-man: Homecoming and the Iron Man trilogy) learnt Spanish to further her career; Will Smith also speaks Spanish as well as David Beckham (he played for Real Madrid) and Clarence Seedorf. All the people mentioned here can be seen speaking Spanish in the video link below:





un pocito-


así que-


el nombre de pila-








Thanks for reading this last blog. I hope over the course of the year you have managed to learn some Spanish and something about culture. Now it is more important than ever to speak foreign languages and therefore there has never been a better time to learn! A language GCSE or A-Level can set you apart from the crowd and boost your career prospects. Gracias por leer y ¡Buena suerte a todos!




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July 8, 2019

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