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February 7, 2019

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I have been in Valencia for four months getting used to living in sunny Spain (y la comunidad Valenciana). A key part of this is learning to find my way around the city. Whilst also finding the most cost and time effective means of getting to and from the school where I work. Initially this was daunting (no he vivido en una ciudad tan grande), however, it didn’t take long for me to learn about the various transport routes that are on offer. All forms of transport (planes, trains and buses!) are much cheaper in Spain than they are in the UK, and there are lots of different transport cards you can buy to get you discount. I also believe that the bus system in Valencia is much simpler to understand than it is in the UK.

Throughout the blog I have highlighted in bold key vocabulary that you’ll find useful as you continue to learn and study Español!


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Un plano del metro Valenciano

Antes de llegar (to arrive) en Valencia, intenté buscar por diferentes lineas del metro y autobus. Navegué por internet porque el colegio está muy lejos de Valencia. Es un pueblo pequeño que se llama Montserrat.

En Valencia hay muchas formas de transporte, pero, sobre todo (above all) hay dos que funciona mejor. Para empezar (to start -connective- ), Valencia tiene un metro con muchas lineas. Si fueras al aeropuerto, cogerías (you would take, coger) linea cinco. Es muy rápido y regular. Por otro lado (on the other hand) el autobús es muy fiable y hay muchas paradas  (stops). También no cuesta mucho, un billete solo cuesta €1.50. Otros tipos de billetes no existen, por ejemplo no se puede comprar una ida y vuelta (a return ticket) y por está razón (for this reason) es muy fácil. Finalmente, (finally) hay bicicletas que se puede alquilar (to rent) para una media hora, o más si quieres pagar. En Valencia se llaman ‘Valenbisi’ y están ubicado en todas partes de la ciudad.

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Valenbisi- Bicicletas que se puede alquilar como ‘Boris Bikes’ en Londres

Traveling in and out of Spain

During this year I have been traveling to lots of different places within Spain; I’ve been to Girona (Catalonia), Chulila (Valencian region), Benidorm (Valencian region) and Peñagolosa amongst many others! In the Valencian region there are lots of mountains and places to go on hikes with your friends, I’ve spent many weekends climbing to the top of mountains on sunny days and eating picnics at the peaks. Valencia is famous for many things including oranges, las fallas (una fiesta en Marzo) and beautiful beaches, however, it is also famous for the hot weather. The hot weather in Valencia means that traveling within the region is always tempting! I’ve lost count of the number of days I’ve spent swimming in the Mediterranean sea (which, unlike Wales, is really warm!) and lying on the sand. The beach is always within reach too, just a short bus ride/ metro trip away. The best thing about being abroad is its very easy to travel to brand new places too! Last weekend I went to Milan in Italy with two of my flatmates, which was very beautiful and exciting. If you have ever wanted to go to somewhere new, living abroad gives you an easy way of going to that place -whether that be living there or just visiting for the weekend-. Travelling to places other than Spain is very easy, there are lots of cheap flights available (normally they are run by Ryanair) to countries such as Italy, France, Germany and many others!

San Siro, Milan, Italy                                      Girona, Catalonia, España 


¿Cómo llegar a Valencia?

Del Reino Unido (UK) es muy fácil llegar a Valencia. Normalmente cogería un avión en Londres, por ejemplo de Gatwick o Stanstead. El vuelo (flight) solo dura dos horas (o dos y media horas), también las billetes no cuestan mucho porque España está cerca del Reino Unido ¿Has visitado a Valencia?



Vocabulary quiz!

Can you remember what these words mean without looking up their definition above??


Sobre Todo-

Para empezar- 


Por otro lado-


Una ida y vuelta-



El Reino Unido- 

Un vuelo-


Nos vemos! See you next time 🙂






February 7, 2019

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